A long Italian

The Ghigo Family has been passionately committed to coffee since the early  1940s, when they opened their roasting factory in Bra, in the province of Cuneo.

Dicaf Caffè - Italy

Our history is made up of continuous technological and product development which  led the family to found the  Dicaf company  in 1987.Our main aims  are attention and devotion to raw material, its processing and the product offered to our customers.  Thanks to our new catalyst , one of the first installed in Italy in the roasting department, we turn fumes and odours deriving from the roasting process into harmless elements such as  water and steam . 

Over the years we have obtained truly unique and special blends.
The range of our products has grown up with us: in addition to the lines Tradition, Selection abd Special bar, we produce decaffeinated coffee, organic and flavoured coffee in pods. 

Storia Dicaf Caffè Italy

Our Arabica blends are made with qualities of coffee from Ethiopia and central – south America (with particular attention to Brazil). Instead, the Robusta is the Indian Kapi Royal. In order to satisfy also the most demanding, we have created a line of products from organic farming, ground, in grains and pods. 


 Our customers are bars and restaurants; to the individual  who wants  to enjoy  a nice cup of coffee , even at home, we offer pods, capsules, coffee beans and ground  blends that satisfy any taste. 

Our supplies are always tergeted

We only choose the beans  that we know will keep all the notes of their flavour  and the nuances of their perfume in sufficient quantities to give consistency to the product.

In addition to coffee, our offer includes many food products such as sugar, sweetener, chocolate, barley coffee, ginseng and coffee cream, but also cups, napkins and Dicaf branded items.

Quality and innovation

The production

Each quality of  coffee is different from the others and so it must be treated in a different way. We always choose only the best with targeted supplies in sufficient quantities to offer You the same blend with continuity over the years. 

Each type of bean is roasted separately, at the precise temperature, to achieve the degree of cooking suitable for  an excellent espresso coffee.

And each batch  we receive is tracked to always  know with certainty at what stage of the roasting process it is ,
from  loading, to roasting, to  delivery 

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We always respect the gas disposal times contained in the freshly roasted beans and for the packages  we use nitrogen to completely eliminate oxygen, which causes the deterioration of the product. The packages are in triple laminated  film, the best on the market; they are all equipped with  one-way valves to let  the gases out (and take advantage of them to  smell  the aroma of coffee ), without opening them, preventing the entry of other substances (in particular oxygen).


Our warehouses

Procurement targeted:

Warehouse management is very important.
They are very large  in Genoa, where the raw materials always available are kept.  The warehouses are small and practical in Bra, where the roasted coffee remains only a few days waiting to be shipped,  to guarantee the best aroma in your cups 

Dicaf and the environment

We are the land
we live in. 

The commitment of Dicaf to  the environment has taken  a great
step forward with a large investment. First in Italy in the roasting department, we turn the fumes and odours resulting  from roasting process into harmless elements such as water and steam thanks to the state- of – art technology of the new catalyst. Hybrid vans are used for the delivery


The innovative Reicat technology allows not only to reduce emissions but also to save energy: a 360°  advantage for the efficiency of the system and the quality of  the air.

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